Lets Help This Mother of 3 Provide for Her Children

Milpitas, CA

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GOAL: $2,000

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Code: GL-484
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Patricia is the single mother of Michelle (7), Lora (5) and Kevin (1). Patricia has been struggling for the last year, she lost her job at a Beauty Saloon which paid all her bills and necessities. “ I was doing well, but now without a job and with 3 kids its hard to maintain myself. I have received help from my family and friends also my church community and still I am struggling. I am looking for a job every day and haven’t been successful. What really saddens me are my kids, I can hardly pay our rent and now with Christmas I am afraid they wont receive a gift and it hurts my heart. I thank everyone in this organization that has given me hope, and also thank you all you amazing people in advance for reading and for you incredible help”.

They need: $1000 Basic Needs; $1000 Bill Assistance

Amount Details
310.00GL Check for Bill Assistance