Struggling Mother Needs Our Help

Redwood City, CA

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Anonymous 06/14/2017$85.99Bendiciones
Church Catequesis members08/10/2017$125.00God bless you
GiveLocally Team & Saint Pius Community09/29/2017$100.00Our Prayers Are With You
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GOAL: $2,500

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Code: GL-482
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Alicia M. And 3 year old Raquel need our support. Alicia’s husband had a work related accident and has not been able to work for 5 months, he works in construction. They have been receiving help from the Church community and from friends, bit it has gotten to a very critical point. The are 2 months behind on rent and are struggling to buy their basic needs. GiveLocally family lets all help them and make it a bit easier for them. Let’s do it GL Nation!!

They need: $1500 Rent Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs