GL Nation: Lets Help This Hardworking Mother

San Jose, CA

GiveLocally Recipient
Name Give Date Amount Comments
Church group03/12/2017$175.00God bless you Maria
Anonymous04/17/2017$125.00God bless
Church group 06/10/2017$95.00
Church group08/09/2017$140.00We love you Mari
GL staff help09/12/2017$85.00Keep it up
Saint Pius Community10/08/2017$125.00God bless you,
Anonymous10/14/2017$100.00Keep it up we know you can
St Pius community12/04/2017$60.00God bless
GIVES SO FAR: $985.00 Charms: 0
GOAL: $1,800

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Code: GL-479
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Maria C. Is the single Mother of Jackie (12) and Brian (3). Maria works very long hours cleaning houses, she also has a job during weekends at a small local grocery store. " It is very hard to pay my rent every month, I live in a small studio with my 2 kids. I have to pay someone to watch over my kids during the day while Im working, and that becomes very expensive. After paying the rent I am left with almost nothing for my utilities and groceries. I need a lovely helping. Any amount helps. Thank you for letting me share my story , thank you GiveLocally for this opportunity". Update: Maria and her kids have moved to a 1 bedroom apartment in Sunnyvale CA. She is struggling to pay the rent and her bills.

They need: $1000 Rent Assistance; $800 Basic Needs

Amount Details
401.80GL Check for Water bill assistance
88.20GiveLocally Keep the Lights On Fee