Let's Help This Courageous Woman Get Medicine So She Can Keep Fighting Cancer

El Salvador, CA

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Anonymous07/06/2016$30.00Keep fighting!
Anonymous07/08/2016$20.00My prayers are with you
A new friend07/10/2016$25.00Stay strong! I know what you are going through
Anonymous07/10/2016$15.00God bless you
Un hermano lejano07/12/2016$35.00Que Dios te bendiga y brinde muchas fuerzas.
Joyce B.07/14/2016$30.00Hope this give helps
Coffee Shop employees07/25/2016$48.00God bless you
Kitty08/01/2016$25.00Hope this helps
Coffee Shop Staff08/03/2016$35.00God bless you
Coffee Shop employees08/29/2016$25.00Stay Strong
Coffee shop staff09/01/2016$20.00God Bless you
Coffee Shop Staff09/06/2016$25.00God bless you
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My name is Martha Alicia F. Everyone calls me Tita. I am 60 years old. No husband, no children. I work with my sister. I am in serious need of cancer medicine called Kadcyla, Trastusumab Emtansine. I have metastasis in my left lung and parts of my skeleton. The director of the Public Health Institute in El Salvador, Instituto del Seguro Social say it is too expensive and it hasn´t been in the market for long enough to know if it has side effects. I´m seeing an oncologist that swears this medicine is for me.The lowest price is $2,850. I need it as soon as possible. I've had surgery and taken 3 tumors out of my right lung. Since February I've had 8 cycles of chemo, which made me very ill. Relatives and friends have been extremely supportive and encourage me to keep on fighting this disease. I thank God for every morning I open my eyes. I am in dire need of this medicine to keep on fighting. Thanks for reading my story and God bless you all."

They need: $9500 Medicine Assistance