Let's Help This Family Stay Affloat

Seattle, WA

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Philip Alger04/18/2016$140.00
Susan Wrench08/19/2016$100.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous09/06/2016$90.00God bless
Coffee Shop Staff03/14/2017$50.00God Bless You
Donhue Family05/22/2017$100.00Glad we helped
Coffee shop staff08/15/2017$85.00God bless
GIVES SO FAR: $565.00 Charms: 200
GOAL: $2,500

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Pete and his wife Karen are the parents of Abigail (5) and Kevin (7). They both are hard working parents, but everything changed when Pete got diagnosed with cancer. " I have been a very hardworking man, I always have had 2 jobs and lived with no problems. A year ago I was diagnosed and everything has been downhill since then. Because of my pain and my doctors and medicine appointments I have lost both of my jobs, all my savings are gone and now I'm left borrowing from friends and family. I need a lot of financial help. Please Givelocally community give us a friendly hand".

They need: $1500 Utility Bill Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs

Amount Details
463.00Gift card for Basic needs and School supplies