Let's Help This Single Father Pay His Bills

Louisville, KY

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Anonymous05/19/2016$40.00God bless
Anonymous06/10/2016$100.00You can do this. Those boys need you.
Jennifer Stanton07/20/2016$85.00God bless your family
Coffee shop staff 08/10/2017$130.00Keep it up
Coffee shop staff11/08/2017$115.00God Bless you
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GOAL: $2,500

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Adam T. Is the single father of Adam Jr. (5) and Daniel (2). Adam is a mechanic and works really hard to make ends meet. " I lost my wife to breast Cancer, it has been really hard this couple of months. I am father and mother to my kids, I dint have the money to pay for someone to babysit them while I am at work, so I have to turn down a lot of working hours so I can take care of them, this situation has also taken a burden on my monthly bills. I am falling behind really fast and don't know what to do. Please help me and my kids, a little help would be a huge difference in our lives. Thank you all for your time".

They need: $1500 Utility Bill Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs Assistance