Lets Help this single Mother Overcome A Tragedy

Tucson, AZ

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GOAL: $4,000

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Josephine A. is the single mother of Katherine (4). In 2015 Josephine lost her husband to a car accident , since then everything has fallen apart. “We had 6 years of marriage, he was an amazing husband and father. I have been downhill since last year. He was the sole provider for our family worked 2 full time jobs to give us everything we needed. We were a happy family. Now I am unemployed with no income but with a lot of pending bills. Rent, utilities and every day food is a nightmare. Every word I am writing is a tear I drop. I am trying very hard to get a job, to get a childcare license so I can take care of kids including mine. Help is a 4 letter word such as Love don’t know why but it just came to my mind. I just need a push, I am no quitter, I know I can overcome this horrible times. Please Give Locally community help me and my daughter raise from this tragic moment, God bless every single one of you”.

They need: $1000 Rent Assistance; $1500 Utility Bill Assistance; $1500 Basic Needs