GL Nation: Lets Help This Single Father Pay His Past Due Bills

Portland, OR

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Edwin M. is the single parent of Daniel (6). Daniels mother Alicia died a year ago from breast cancer, leaving Daniel and his father behind. “ This has been a very tough time for me and my son, loosing his mother has hit him really hard. I work at a local warehouse full time , I have a lot of medical bills that still have to pay from my wife’s illness. I can cover most of it but after paying my bills and expenses I am left with nothing. I have to pay for daycare for my son since I do not have any relatives or family that can help me with him, my big problem is getting those past due medical bills paid. I am also one month late on my rent because of this issue. I really don’t want to be evicted this is the last thing me and Daniel need. I really need this help this push up so I can get back in track and keep on with my life, I am extremely appreciated with this amazing opportunity. You guys at Give Locally have been great with the process. Thank you for reading my story and for the help”.

They need: $2000 Medical Bills; $1000 Rent Assistance; $500 Basic Needs

Amount Details
72.16Walmart Gift Card for Basics