Let's Help This Desperate Single Mother of 2 With Basics And Utilities

Boise, ID

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Janelle C . is the Single Mother of Laurel (2) and 5 month old Baby Michelle. Jangle has been struggling way before her baby was born. She lost her job during her pregnancy. She worked at a local Bookstore and also had a part time job at a pharmacy. “ For the past couple of years I have been living in a 1 bedroom apartment, I have been able to afford rent but when it comes to paying the utilities and the basics for my babies I seem to fall really short. I have been getting help from a couple of friends but I just can rely on that. I am worried there will be a day I won’t have what to give to my little girls. Government help has not kicked in and it will probably take a few more time than expected. Meanwhile I am really scared and need help for my little angels, that’s why I reached to your website to seek for a little hope and help for my girls. Thank you in advance for all of your time and kindness”.

They need: $1000 Utility Bill Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs