Let's Help Jessica Get Back In Track and Pay Her Medical Bills

Effingham, SC

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Coffee shop staff02/10/2017$140.00God bless
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GOAL: $1,500

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Code: GL-442
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My name is Jessica R. and I am from South Carolina. I am single with no children. I recently became unemployed a month ago due to my work contract ending. Since becoming unemployed I am struggling to pay my bills, put gas in my car, and put food on the table. I am receiving unemployment benefits but it isn’t enough, I am barely surviving. I need assistance to help the basic necessaries like groceries and gas. In addition, I have several outstanding medical bills that I struggling to pay off. My medical bills are a result of surgery I had to undergo to remove abnormal cells in my clevis; to prevent the potential of cancer cells from developing. My medical bills total $919; several of my medical bills are currently in collections which is affecting my credit. Any help would be greatly appreciated and would allow me to get on my feet.

They need: $1000 Medical Bill Assistance; $500 Basic Needs

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114.80Gift card fo basics