GL Community: Let’s Help Michael Get A Prosthetic Leg

Mesa, AZ

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MYRON JACKSON07/18/2014$5.00May Abundance pour into your lives!!
Mike & Suzy07/24/2014$40.00best wishes
MYRON JACKSON07/27/2014$5.00May Abundance pour into your lives!!
Coffee shop staff02/03/2015$100.00Hope this helps
BMC CS Mktg team12/21/2016$100.00Best wishes for a better year ahead
GIVES SO FAR: $250.00 Charms: 300
GOAL: $8,000

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Code: GL-440
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This past March, Rhonda P. family suffered a very tragic incident. “ Our need is for our son Michael P. who on March 3 2014 was standing at an intersection waiting to cross the street and there was an accident in the intersection and one of the cars was pushed into my son who was pinned against the light post which caused him to loss his left leg and if not for military store employee that is on the corner of that intersection my son would not be here today, so that\'s why we are trying to raise money for Michael to be able to walk again by being able to get him a prosthetic leg. Michael is 15 years old and a sophomore at Sun valley high school he is very athletic and outgoing and has the most positive attitude about life he also has a big heart. We cant afford this prosthetic, and we will be more than grateful for any assistance. God bless all of you at GiveLocally .

They need: $8,000 For Prosthetic Leg