Let’s Help This Family Get Reliable Transportation

Chicago, IL

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\" My name is Karla L. I am married to Floyd and we have three beautiful children. I have a fourteen year old daughter-Kaila, a six year old son-Floyd III, and a three month old son-Remar. I am currently an unemployed teacher. I am also a student at Concordia University-Chicago. My husband is also unemployed due to layoffs at an auto manufacturing plant, which has caused a tremendous strain on our household finances. We are trying to meet all of our demands with my unemployment benefits. My daughter-who is a very smart and kind teenager-was honored as her 8th grade Salutatorian and recipient of three science awards after winning the city\'s regional science fair .Unfortunately, we live in an area on Chicago\'s that\'s infested with violence, and underperforming schools. My daughter tested into one of Chicago\'s selective enrollment high schools and has the privilege of attending Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory High School on Chicago\'s South Side. My greatest need is a new/reliable car the one that we own is in need of costly repairs, our greatest fear is that I will not be able to take my daughter to and from school causing her to have to attend our neighborhood school that\'s not only underperforming and unsafe but \"marked\" for closing! Obtaining a bigger, reliable vehicle, and possible assistance with offsetting the cost of gas for my travels will be a true blessing. If someone can please help me in any capacity, I will greatly appreciate it!\"

They need: $5000 Car Repairs for Daily Transportation