GL Nation: Let's Help This Grandmother Of 3 With The Basics And Medical Bills

Atlanta, GA

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Code: GL-418
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Artaviana R. is a single grandmother of 3 Zaki (3), Major (1) and Malaki 5 months. Due to certain events she is in full custody of her grandkids. \" When I received custody of my grandkids I was employed in the Accounting filed, a few time later I was let got from my actual job. I was making 16 dollars an hour which was ok to support all of us, but now we are struggling, we are in dire need of basics and to pay medical bills. I have exhausted all of my savings to take care of them, in addition my youngest grandkid was admitted to the Hospital they treated him for an Hernia and chronic acid reflux. He was put in a special Milk Formula that I can barely buy for him. I am desperate and need any help possible. I thank all the people in advance and GiveLocally for the opportunity, I am looking forward for any help for my grandkids, any help received will go directly to them. God bless you all\".

They need: $1500 Basic Needs; $1500 Medical Bill Assistance

Amount Details
225.00Basic and Toddler Assistance from GL Fund