GL Nation: We Need A Helping Hand For This Cancer Patient

Ouray, CO

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bonnie thomas10/12/2013$25.00hoping for an end to your treatments and best outcome
Anonymous12/10/2013$80.00Hope this amount helps
BMC CS Mktg team12/21/2016$100.00Get well soon!
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Joan G. is a 63 year old disabled woman who is going through a very tough path.\" In March 2013 I went for my annual mammogram and was diagnosed with breast cancer after several other grueling tests. I was declared disabled in 2002 because of spinal issues. So I have not been able to work for 11 years, living on social security disability has been a tremendous challenge. When I was told that I had cancer, I had no earthly idea how I was going to pay the upcoming medical bills. Luckily I am on Medicare because I am disabled but, as we all know, Medicare can\'t pay everything. The bills are mounting up and the collection calls have begun. I am only halfway through my chemotherapy so I have no idea how high they will climb. Another issue is that once you are a cancer patient, you are a cancer patient forever. Expensive tests will be on-going for the rest of my life. My chemotherapy should be over sometime in November and hopefully forever. I do not have children or family that can help with my medical expenses. My most urgent need would be to pay the doctors. I thank all at GiveLocally for the opportunity and hoping to get some assistance with my medical bills. God bless all of you.\"

They need: $3000 Medical Bill Assistance