GL Nation: Let's Help This Single Mother Stay Afloat

Riverside, CA

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Brandee Harris05/01/2015$25.00Never give up!
Coffe shop staff07/19/2015$140.00God Bless You
Anonymous02/02/2016$38.00God Bless this Family
Coffee Shop Staff08/20/2016$125.00
Anonymous02/26/2017$178.00God bless
Coffee shop employees04/18/2017$75.00Keep it up
GIVES SO FAR: $581.00 Charms: 50
GOAL: $3,000

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Code: GL-412
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Angela D. is a retired single mother of 4, 3 are grown up and out on their own she lives with 16 year old Hosea. Angela used to work for the county of Riverside. “My income has been cut in half, I can\'t keep up with my rent and utilities. I have family in Nevada who have helped me a lot in my toughest times. But here I am now desperately in need. i don\'t own a car , not even a refrigerator, my electricity has been cut off more than once and probably it will get shot off again. It is very hard to support my son with barely no income. We barely have food in our table every day. Hosea plays football on his school team; it is very hard to see him going through this with me. I am in need, and want to get my son through high school without these hardships. I heard about GiveLocally on the news, and think this organization is one of the greatest out there, I want to thank everyone in advance for any help that me and my son receive. God bless all the Angels that surround this amazing organization\".

They need: $1500 Rent Assistance; $1500 Basic Needs

Amount Details
580.00GL check to utility companies, utility bill assistance