Let's Help Lynn From Getting Her Utilities Shut Off

Tucson, AZ

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Coffee Shop employees09/30/2013$50.00God bless you
Rachael Wolf10/22/2013$25.00God Bless!
Sheela Collins12/17/2013$25.00Lyn, God will be with you
Anonymous12/18/2013$100.00May this be of help
Melissa Valent02/12/2014$25.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous01/03/2015$25.00God Bless!
Anonymous12/31/2015$50.00Deuteronomy 28
Anonymous12/21/2016$200.00Never give up!
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GOAL: $3,000

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Lynn B. lives outside Tucson AZ in the desert by herself and her 2 dogs. She lives in a mobile home and pays rent where the house sits on, she pays $536 for property rent. \" I own my car a 1998 Pontiac that is breaking down, I\'m afraid to drive it because it sounds so bad and I can\'t get it fixed. I get SSI but it is not enough for all my basics and utilities. I have cancelled home owners insurance because I can\'t afford paying it. I have gone to Trico Electric Charitable Trust and put in an application for help to get propane otherwise I will have no heat this winter. I have received a shut off notice from my electric company, I am on oxygen 24/7, I am in bad health and can\'t work no matter how hard I want to. I suffer from COPD/emphysema, Diabetes, and a lot other health complications. I am alone, and the few people that I knew here have passed away, I am alone with no one to help me. My electric, my water will soon be shut off, and my car will soon break down and I won\'t be able to go to the doctor or to the grocery store, which are the only places I visit. I just don\'t know what else I can do. If there is any way you could help me at all, from the bottom of my heart I would truly appreciate it. God bless all of you at GiveLocally\".

They need: $1500 Basic Needs; $1500 Utility Bill Assistance

Amount Details
82.00GL Check To TRICO for Utility Assistance
18.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee