GL Nation: Let’s Help This Grandma And Her Loved Ones With

Houston, TX

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Coffee shop staff09/24/2013$120.00God bless you
Anonymous07/21/2014$105.00Hope this amount helps
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GOAL: $2,500

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Code: GL-404
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Tammy S. is a single mother and Grandmother in need. She lives with her 19 year old daughter Kendra who was on the army and her grandson Jeremiah who will soon be 1 year old. Tammy suffers from PTSD and Anxiety. She is now unemployed and helps taking care of her grandson. Her daughter is pregnant and also in need. “ I am a Chemical Dependency Counselor, I am writing a book on this field and I am hoping to get a job soon. We are in dire need of food, our refrigerator is empty, we starve every day. Our utilities are past due to the point of being shot off. I am desperate and can’t live like this, we need a helping hand that could help us with the basics which are at this moment the most critical need. I want to thank all at GiveLocally for this opportunity and to the great people out there that help others in need”.

They need: $1500 Basic Needs; $1000 Utility Bill Assistance

Amount Details
98.40GL Check to landlord for rent assistance
21.60GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
86.10Gift Card for Basics
18.90GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee