Let’s Help This Family From Losing Their House And With Medical Expenses

Dover, TN

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Michelle B. and her husband are the parents of Brittany 21 and Erika 12. A few years ago Brittany developed a rare disorder. . She became very ill having what appeared to be allergic reactions and was going in to anaphylactic shock. Her medications costs were running greater than 1500 dollars a month just to keep her symptoms at rest and decrease the episodes of shock. “We were not able to pay our house payment due to medical expenses. I lost my job after ten years of employment in the hospice field and it was crippling to our already devastated situation. My husband is unemployed and has not been able to find one, our house went into foreclosure and we are not able to pull it out. We sold everything we had over time just to make ends meet and provide care for our children. My daughter needs medical care and assistance daily, we are desperate and we need a love helping hand. I am hoping that through GiveLocally we find a light of hope. God bless you all”.

They need: $2500 Mortgage Assistance; $2000 Basic Needs; $2000 Medical Assistance

Amount Details
82.00GL Check to Dover Water and Sewer for Utility Bill Assistance
18.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
94.30Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
20.70GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee