Let’s Help This Single Father Of Three From Being Evicted

Knightdale, NC

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Coffee shop employees09/24/2013$150.00God bless you
Anonymous09/10/2014$100.00God Bless you
cindy evans12/08/2016$25.00I have an older daughter and have clothes available if you would like please let me know
GIVES SO FAR: $275.00 Charms: 50
GOAL: $2,000

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Christopher S. is a single father of 3 Xandra(15), Angelina(12) and Dante(8), he has been separated for four years with his 3 children living with him. " I am a construction worker, I am an outdoor constructor. Last July I injured my foot at work, The foot injury had me off of my feet that and slow work has me behind in rent I've been able to pay my electric and car insurance however I'm really behind in rent I haven't received an eviction notice yet. I owe $500 from July $625 from Aug and now $625 for Sept. Been able to work the last week and have plenty of work coming in now I'm just very worried about the rent situation, I've been giving my landlord money as I can though I'm still very far behind. My most urgent need is paying my landlord so I do not get evicted. I just need that little push so I can get back on track so me and my 3 children don't go through that horrible eviction process. If anyone can help me all the gives will go directly to my landlord. Thank you for this opportunity and for all the help that will be provided". Update: Christopher now has to get a seasonal job so he can get through and get his kids a decent Christmas. Let's try and help them.

They need: $1500 Rent Assistance; $500 Basics

Amount Details
123.00Walmart Gift card for basic needs
27.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee