Let’s Help This Mother Of Three With Rent And Basics

Dallas, TX

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Karena W. is a single mother of three girls, Kametrice (15), Krystal(9) and Kennedie (1). \" We have been going through some rough time lately it’s been hard keeping our head above water. I’ve been separated from my Husband for some time, child support is still pending. My oldest daughter just had surgery a from a bowel obstruction. We found out she has crohn\'s disease. We have been going through her losing weight tremendously this past year and bad stomach pains. Back and forth to doctors and specialist no one seems to know what was wrong. She literally has 3 pair of pants that she can wear and the shirts are falling off due to the excessive weight loss, she is now a size 1. Thank God we found out what was going on with her. It’s sad because the hospital we were at didn’t want to give my daughter the proper care she needed we were told to go home but I insisted we stay and run more tests. I don’t have a car so it was so hard getting back and forth to the hospital, I had to pay someone to keep my 9 year old and take her back and forth to school. I have been off work for the past month. I don’t receive any assistance form the government only Medicaid for health. I pay 620.00 rent I also pay utilities water/lights/trash, usually spend $300 on food. So all my funds or exhausted, unfortunately I\'m unable to buy my daughter cloths and food is limited. I know that God will turn things around for us. If there is any help from you please help us. May god bless you

They need: $2000 Basic Needs; $1500 Rent Assistance; $1000 Utility Bills

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63.96Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
14.04Givelocally Keep The Lights On Fee