GL Nation: Let’s Give This Single Mom A Helping Hand

St Petersburg , FL

GiveLocally Recipient
Name Give Date Amount Comments
Coffee Shop employees09/13/2013$55.00God Bless you
Nancy Watson01/01/2015$50.00You are a great mom, keep up the good work.
Coffee shop staff02/28/2016$100.00God Bless you
Anonymous05/10/2016$80.00God bless
GIVES SO FAR: $285.00 Charms: 100
GOAL: $1,600

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Code: GL-397
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Melody P. is the single mother of 3, Ryan (6), Caleb (5) and Makayla (1). Melody is currently working as a babysitter to stay afloat. “ I don’t receive any type of help for me and my children. It is very hard being a single mother of three and try to stay afloat. The very little that I make all goes on rent and basics. Recently I suffered from a home burglary and since then I live with fear and scared something might happen to me and my kids. So added to my already difficult low income life I live with this fear. I hate to see my children go through this, but I know that someday things will change. I am hoping to receive a little help through GiveLocally, I know that a little help or a little push will take us out this hole we are in. Thank you to all the people that read my story and specially to the GiveLocally team”.

They need: $800 Rent Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs

Amount Details
45.10Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
9.90GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee