Let’s Help This Amazing Parents Provide For Their 4 Month Old Son

Macon, GA

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Andre and Jessica H. are the proud parents of 4th month old Andre Jr. “ Previously, my wife and I have had some tough financial times even before we lost our jobs at Perdue Farms. Our hours had been cut tremendously and when we needed to use our FMLA we were denied the total amount of time needed. As of now, we have no money to take care of our car note, car insurance and cell phone bill... Immediate needs we have are gas and gift cards to get gas and needed items for our child. We worry so much every day that we are not going to be able to provide the basics for our child. We are hoping that through GiveLocally we can find some kind hearts that can provide us with help. Thanks so much for your help and God bless all at this amazing organization”.

They need: $1000 Basic Needs; $1000 Due Bill Assistance