GL Nation: Let’s Help This Amputee Get An Accessible Van For Her Daily Transportation

Sacramento, CA

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GOAL: $4,000

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“My name is Joe Ann P. I am unmarried, and I am an amputee I am in a wheelchair 24/7. I am volunteering at a domestic violence agency and attending school for my Masters in Professional Counseling. I have a Bachelor in Social Work (BSW). I felt I needed to change my field to a position where clients come to me this is not always possible for the populations I work with. I am seeking a job and have been for a while, but it is a challenge when I contend with no transportation to the list of obstacles I am already dealing with (disabled). I am a person, who likes to help others, and it is sad and frustrating that having no transportation hinders my ability to do so. I have been using public transportation and Para-transit but in my area these are not dependable modes of transportation. I am rarely on time to anything I must do.I have one child who is in prison. He is now 22 years old. My most urgent need is a wheelchair accessible van. I am on a fixed income which prevents me from purchasing another van and with no job, due in part to transportation issues, puts me in a catch. I am hoping that maybe someone has a wheelchair accessible van they are willing to donate to me or others will be willing to help me out in any other ways. God bless all of the kind people who are part of”

They need: $4000 To Purchase Accessible Van For Daily Transportation