GL Nation: Let’s Help This Family Of 6 From This Tight Spot

Middleport, OH

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Coffee shop employees05/16/2013$120.00God bless your family
Coffee shop staff05/31/2013$80.00Keep it up
Anonymous07/10/2013$75.00God bless
Anonymous01/24/2014$100.00Never give up!
Anonymous12/31/2015$50.00Deuteronomy 28
GIVES SO FAR: $425.00 Charms: 300
GOAL: $2,500

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Code: GL-381
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Amanda B. and her husband an injured coal miner are the parents of 4, Brianna (6), Richard (5), William (4) and Tristan (2). Amanda has been back and forth from the Hospital due to some Kidney issues. Amanda is now pregnant with their 5th child. “ I am unemployed and my husband works as a cook for a few hours a week earning minimum wage. The little that he makes we use on every day expenses and we barely have to pay our mortgage, we could get evicted any time soon. We don’t have any luxuries and we only own one cell phone, we try to save every cent possible to have enough to eat. We are so much in need to pay bills but mainly we are in need of basic needs and to pay our house so we don’t get evicted. We are in a very tight spot so every single penny given to us via this amazing site will be extremely appreciated. God bless all of the people involved in this God give opportunity.

They need: $1000 Basic Needs; $1000 Mortgage Assistance; $500 Basic Needs

Amount Details
225.50Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
49.50Givelocally Keep The Lights On Fee
82.00Gift Card for Toddler Supplies
18.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
200.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Amanda and her family