Let’s Help This Desperate Pregnant Mother Of 4 Provide For Her Kids

Atlanta, GA

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Ciara C. is a 31 year old single army veteran mother of 4 Chris (2), Christopher (4), Keion (8), Kasim (10), she is also expecting her 5th child due on July 15th. She used to work as a Legal Administrator and was laid off this past January, she is appealing for unemployment but her case has not been cleared. She has plans to look for a job once she gives birth. Her husband and father of her kids have abandoned her leaving her with absolutely no financial support. “ My family has been helping me with rent and to get food and basic needs, my electricity has been shot off due to not payment , I have been forced to cook the little food we have in the fire place and have been asking my neighbor to charge my phone so I can at least have that type of communication. I have called dozens of charities for assistance but haven’t had any luck. I am also trying to get help from the VA since I am veteran but have not heard any response. Any help provided will be more than appreciated it will be and enormous help for my kids. Thank you GiveLocally for helping me share my story with the world and thank you to everyone involved with this amazing organization”. Update: Ciara gave birth to her 5th child, she is still in need, with this newborn she needs more of our help.

They need: $1000 Utility Bills; $1000 Rent Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs

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135.30GL Check To Union City GA for Utility Bill Assistance
29.70GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
102.50GL Check to Georgia Power for Electric Bill Assistance
22.50GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee