GL Nation: Let’s Help This Single Mother of 4 To Pay Her Medical Bills And to Get Basic Needs

Franklin, KY

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Tabitha W. is a single mother of Sebastian (12), Elena(11), Salomon(10), and Diego(7). Things have been pretty bad for her the past year, and it has been a struggle to make ends meet. “ I coupon a lot just to be able to get household things like toilet paper, shampoo, etc. We have been making it, but barely. My 12 year old has multiple medical problems; he has low muscle tone in his entire body, BIF (Border Line Intellectual Functioning), and learning disabilities. I have had hernia surgery this past year after that I have been in the hospital several times due to severe stomach pain that doctors have not been able to identify its cause. My medical bills are extremely high and do not know what to do. . My kids need clothing badly, they are currently wearing clothes with ripped out knees, or that are too small because I have no money to get them any at this point. I am also asking for help paying my water bill, and to be able to stock up on basic needs. A helping hand would be a miracle to me and my babies. Thank you for reading this and to the GiveLocally staff for the opportunity given of sharing my need to the world. God bless you all”.

They need: $2000 Medical Bill Assistance; $2000 Basic Needs

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164.00Walmart gift card to purchase basic needs
36.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
104.14Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
22.86Givelocally Keep The Lights On Fee