Let's Help This Single Mother From Eviction

Richmond, VA

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Coffee shop staff02/14/2013$120.00God bless you
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Rachel B. is a single mother who is facing eviction, \" I have been unemployed since August last year, and it has been very hard on me and my son Joseph who is home schooled. I have been doing temporary jobs so I can provide for me and my son. My main and most urgent need is our rent and many past due bills. I am on the job hunt every day and haven\'t had any luck. Transportation is another factor that makes it more difficult to find a job, I have been relying on public transportation to move from point A to point B. Getting a car of my own would be a miracle come true. I live in Subsidized Housing, this makes it a little easier, but sometimes I don\'t even have enough to pay our rent. To make things worst I have a student loan from 1993 that it hasn\'t been paid and it is been hunting me for years and wish to pay it in the near future. GiveLocally family any help provided to me and my son will be a gift from heaven; all the gives will make a huge impact in our lives and will be more than appreciated, thank you for letting me share my situation and for the opportunity to receive help\".

They need: $500 Rent Assistance; $500 Basic Needs; $2000 Student Loan Bill Assistance

Amount Details
98.40GL check to Landlord for rent assistance
21.60GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
41.00Gift Card For Basic Needs
9.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee