This Hard Working Single Mother Needs Our Help

Lawrenceville, GA

GiveLocally Recipient
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Coffee shop staff12/04/2012$70.00God bless
Anonymous01/01/2013$50.00May this be of help
Anonymous01/10/2013$25.00Never give up!
GIVES SO FAR: $145.00 Charms: 150
GOAL: $2,800

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Code: GL-356
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Denisha B. is a hard working single mother of 2 Tanjenee (15) and Reginald (10). She works as a customer service at a mail service company. Denisha’s salary is not enough to cover all the bills and the basic needs. In addition to her problems her mother got sick and she has to be on dialysis every other day. Here is what Denisha says. “ I think at times, I will never get out of this hole, and if I don’t get help it will get worse. We are one unexpected bill or cost from being homeless, or without utilities. Please help. Denisha does not get any monetary help from the state or child support, she is one month past due on her rent and worries her that they will be homeless for the Holidays. “ Any help provided will make a huge impact for me and the kids, thank you in advance for this amazing opportunity and God bless all the individuals that have helped and keep helping the families through GiveLocally”.

They need: $1000 Rent Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs; $800 Utility Bill Assistance

Amount Details
118.90Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
26.10GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee