Let’s Help This Newly Employed Individual Fix His Car So He Can Start His New Job

Murfreesboro, TN

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Coffee shop employees09/12/2012$230.00Hope This Amount Helps
Coffee shop staff09/13/2012$60.00Good luck
Anonymous11/30/2013$300.00Never give up!
GIVES SO FAR: $590.00 Charms: 600
GOAL: $1,000

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Kenneth C. is a 26 year old who is in need of some specific help. “I live with my fiancé who works a custodian at our local high school, I just found a job at a warehouse after job hunting for several years. We have barely been able to pay for our rent and basic needs. We live off my fiancé’s income and we have struggled. My main need is to repair our car which is broken so I can get on time to my new job. The cost of the repair is not more than $250. I start my job in 2 weeks so time is very crucial. Here in our town in Murfreesboro public transportation does not run daily and I am afraid that those days I won’t be able to get to work. That is why I am reaching out to this fabulous organization for help fixe my car. Once I start my new job and start receiving income my life and my fiancé’s will be so much different. Thank you GiveLocally for this amazing opportunity and for giving us hope. God bless all at GiveLocally”.

They need: $250 To Fix Car; $550 Basic Needs; 200 Car Insurance;

Amount Details
237.80GL Check to Justin Auto Repair for Vehicle Repair Assistance
52.20GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
150.00GL Check to Geico for Auto Insurance bill Assistance