Let’s Help This Unemployed Mother Of Three Until She Finds A New Job

New Orleans, LA

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Paulette T. is a a single mother of three girls Ja'Mesha (20) who is a Junior at Dillard University, Alysha (19) who has (ADD) and struggles academically, and Sha Ron (7) who is in 2nd grade and takes free dance lessons at our local gym. “I am unemployed at this time. I worked as a banquet server for over 18 years at some of the best Hotels in New Orleans and the New Orleans Convention Center. We had to evacuate the city to Texas because of Hurricane Isaac which put me in a deeper financial strain. Prior to the evacuation I was barely able to pay my $1045.00 rent and buy food. Some of the money that I had for my rent I had to use to purchase gas and food for our trip while on the road to Houston. Once the storm was over, I had to purchase cleaning supplies to clean the damage and replace what little food we had that got spoiled. The only income I have is Unemployment. I do not receive Child Support or any government assistance for any of my children. Just recently I did apply for food stamps. If GiveLocally can help us in any way I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you for this opportunity”.

They need: $1500 Rent Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs

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147.60Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
32.40GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee