GL Nation: Let’s Help This Single Mother With Her Rent And Her Basic Needs

Detroit, MI

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Bridgette F. is a single mother of two daughters Adrianna (23) and Kathy (18). “My daughter Kathy is leaving for college this fall. Both my daughters are looking for work without success. Recently I found a job as an appointment setter, but it is only part time for now and it is very hard to pay bills and buy every day needs with a part time job salary. Even with this new job I am still on the job hunt every day. Because I had to pay my daughter\'s high school fees and had to travel to Michigan to place my mother in a nursing home, I have fallen behind on the rent. I received a three-day notice from the manager. The amount I owe is $1152. I can barely make it for our utilities and for food, I am really scared and nervous of being evicted, I pray every day for a second job so me and my daughters can stay afloat. But at the mean time I reach to you for some help on anything, any amount will be used for the right necessities and will be extremely appreciated by me and my daughters. Thank you GiveLocally for this opportunity and thank you to all the people that reads my story, God bless you all “.

They need: $1200 Rent Assistance; $500 Utility Bill Assistance; $500 Basic Needs

Amount Details
123.00Walmart gift card for basics
27.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee