GL Nation: This Veteran Needs Our Help

Cleveland, OH

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Anonymous05/03/2012$25.00May this be of help
Anonymous08/28/2013$25.00Our prayers are with you
Mike & Suzy Stone01/09/2014$25.00Never give up!
Mike & Suzy01/15/2014$25.00Never give up!
Mike & Suzy 01/18/2014$25.00Never give up!
Anonymous01/30/2014$25.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous02/12/2014$25.00Thank you for your service
Anonymous02/25/2014$50.00May 2014 be a great year for you
Mike & Suzy Stone03/01/2014$45.00God Bless!
Mike & Suzy 03/12/2014$50.00warm wishes
Mike & Suzy Stone03/20/2014$25.00Never give up!
Anonymous04/01/2014$40.00we encourage others to help Anthony
Mike & Suzy Stone04/15/2014$25.00Happy Easter
Mike & Suzy 04/23/2014$25.00Wishing you the best
Mike & Suzy Stone05/09/2014$20.00God Bless!
GIVES SO FAR: $455.00 Charms: 910
GOAL: $1,500

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Code: GL-330
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Anthony B. is a 61 year old veteran, honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force where he served as a Chaplain’s assistant. “My current financial situation occurred due to loss of employment, unemployment benefits and resulting homelessness. I ended up living in a rehabilitation center for homeless veterans at the VA Hospital Cleveland (Domicillary) for four months. From there I obtained a VA pension based on unemployment and symptoms of depression and PTSD. I receive $900 monthly; however, a portion of that goes for rent and the rest for living expenses. I am actively seeking to return to work; however, it has been extremely difficult, partially due to the economy, age discrimination and a lack of substantial experience as a social worker (total 3 1/2 years). I have a master's degree in social work and a bachelor's degree in psychology and can\'t find work. A majority of the social work opportunities require a car in order to see clients face-to-face in their homes and schools. Recently, my car stopped working. I thought it was the result of vandalism but it was determined that the car was not vandalized but needs a fuel pump. I have contacted several repair shops and the estimate is $750-- $430 for the parts and 2.3 hours labor. I need this help so I can get back on my feet in order to do what I was trained to do -- help others, just like GiveLocally is doing.”

They need: $1000 for Car Repairs; $500 Basic Needs

Amount Details
41.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
9.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee