Let’s Help This Woman Get Back On Her Feet

Jonesboro, GA

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Ifrag Q. is a middle-aged, professional woman with two adult children. She was employed as a counselor and tutor in an after school enrichment program, but her job ended more than a year ago when the grant for the program was not renewed. “Because of my unemployment status, I have had to move in with my daughter, which is hard in itself as I have always been the one who worked and took care of myself. I am available to work and am looking for full-time or part-time employment, but one reason that it is hard to find work in my area of expertise is that my Georgia certification has expired. To regain my certification, I am attending an on-line university working on a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership with Emphasis on Behavioral Health. In the interim, I am requesting some assistance so as not to further burden my daughter, who is paying all of the household bills while attending college part-time herself. I am in need of corrective lenses in order to see and I need some dental work done to chew foods better than I am now.

They need: $2000 Medical Assistance; $1000 Educational Assistance

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41.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs