This Mother of Strong Faith Needs Our Help to Save Her Home

Creedmoor, NC

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Coffee shop staff04/07/2012$100.00God bless
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GOAL: $3,500

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Bernetta W. is the mother of a daughter who’s grown and on her own and a 19 year old son, Jeremiah, who she says “will make you smile with his humor.” Jeremiah has special needs and will need assistance throughout his life. Bernetta is a corrections officer and has worked for the state for the past fifteen years. The major problem Bernetta is facing now is trying to keep her home from actually collapsing. After becoming a homeowner nine years ago, she learned later about serious structural damage that is now causing the roof to separate from the wall, and it\'s getting harder to close and lock the doors because the house is becoming more off balance. Two years ago they had a house fire. It was very stressful to go through that, especially when they learned there was no “Loss of Use” in the policy which would have paid for them to live elsewhere while repairs were made. The home was finally repaired enough to move back in, but now the roof is covered with tarps to keep some of the rain out. After falling behind in her bills and having to borrow to get basic needs, she sold her van, which was paid for and that she used to go to and from work. When she could not use her husband’s car, she had to buy another car. “Now I\'m a month behind always and sometimes praying to and from work that I don\'t run out of gas towards the end of the month. Even in this, I still try to live to always, somehow, be a Blessing to others. I do thank you for your time.”

They need: $1500 House Repairs; $1500 Utility Bill Assistance; $500 Basic Needs

Amount Details
246.00GL Check to Duke Energy for Electric Bill Assistance
54.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee