Let’s Help This Disabled Woman Get Transportation So She Can Get Her Medical Attention

Monette, AR

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grady wahlquist03/27/2012$100.00Wishing you the best
Lynn Williams03/27/2012$100.00Isaiah 41:10
Anonymous06/12/2012$25.00good luck and know you have people who care. God Bless.
Melissa McNeel09/30/2012$5.00May this be of help
Dana Turner12/28/2012$100.00Never give up!
Anonymous01/21/2013$200.00May this be of help
Anonymous07/04/2013$5.00God Bless!
Sheela Collins12/17/2013$25.00God is with you
Anonymous08/10/2014$5.00May Abundance pour into your lives!!
Coffee shop staff04/11/2015$70.00
Scalia Group07/12/2016$145.00God bless
Susan E07/20/2016$145.00Pegg you are on my prayers
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Pegi L. is 60 years old single, disabled and living on Social Security. ”A few days ago I was on a car accident and totaled my car. Because of my limited fixed income, I was only able to carry liability insurance on my vehicle. The car that totaled my van does not have insurance. The salvage value of my van is $300.00. This is all I have to use to buy another car. The reason a car is so critical for me is this year I was forced to move from urban Little Rock AR to tiny rural Monette, Ar, to live with my brother and sister in-law, to be able to live within my means. Unfortunately living in such a rural and isolated area the closest town for me to go to the doctor and get my prescriptions is in Jonesboro, AR , which is 25 miles from Monette. There is no form of public transportation for me to get back and forth to Jonesboro for medical needs. I have had two heart procedures in the last two years and Crohn’s disease and my life depends on regular doctors visits. If I do not get to my doctors appointments on time could be very critical for me and could really damage my health and possibly cause me death. I would really appreciate any type of health to get a used reliable car so I can get to my appointments and to the pharmacy, being a disabled single woman is very tough, I do not have any type of help or support. God bless all of you for inventing such a great organization”.

They need: $3000 to Purchase used car ; $1000 for Basic Needs

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307.66GL Check to First Collection Services for bill assistance
137.88GL Check to North Little Rock Electric for Electric Bill Assistance
99.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
279.17GL Check to First Collection Services Bill assistance
61.29GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee