Let’s Help This Mother Provide Tuition for Her Son Who Is A Cancer Survivor

Harrisburg, PA

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Jhansi W. is a hard-working single mother of two, Jordan 18 and Tristen 7. "Despite being a single mother, I have always been able to provide a healthy, loving environment for my children. We have always lived in an apartment until this past June when I purchased my first home. Although the home is in a nice neighborhood, it's in a school district that is known for poor education and violence. I currently work as a case manager for the local community college. Although I have a Bachelor’s Degree, I do not earn enough money. So, I also work part time front desk at a hotel. I work very hard to give my children the appropriate education. Due to the violence on this school district I decided to pay for my kid’s tuition. Even working both jobs it is really hard to keep up. The school is getting more selective next year and they will not tolerate late payments! I’m so scared that I will have to send my son to the nearby public school! Tristen is a fun-loving, great kid, who is also a 3-year cancer survivor . His school offers smaller class sizes and loving teachers who provide quality education to a diverse student population. Unfortunately, he would not get the same attention at our city public schools. I would greatly appreciate any help offered. Thank you so much for considering me to be a recipient and most of all for being a vehicle for those in need. I honestly hope that one day I will be in a position to pay it forward! God Bless you all".

They need: $2000 School Tuition; $2000 Basic Needs

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