Let’s Help this Hard-Working Grandmother Provide for her Grandchildren

Waukegan, IL

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Coffee Shop Staff03/16/2012$100.00God bless this amazing grandmother
Anonymous04/07/2012$500.00Children make you strong- take what they give you.
Anonymous05/19/2012$100.00Never give up!
Hope Mueller12/31/2014$250.00May this be of help
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GOAL: $3,000

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Charlie Jean C. is a 63 year old grandmother of 4: Austin (16), Raejenae (14), Alex (12), and Summer (11), who has been taking care of them since 2009. For 18 years she worked with her husband in a small trucking business until he walked away leaving her with a house in foreclosure and a lot of outstanding bills. She found a job in 2008 as an aide for people with developmental disabilities. In addition to her regular hours, she also worked overtime seven days a week, and eventually was able to save her home. In 2009 Charlie Jean’s daughter came to visit and left behind her four children. “At the present time, we do not know the whereabouts of their mother, my daughter.” Charlie Jean later found out that when the children were with their mother they had been homeless and sleeping in the park. In order for Charlie Jean to be able to enroll her grandchildren in school and get medical help, she obtained full custody of her grandchildren in February 2010. Charlie Jean says it’s hard to take care of five people on a $9/hr. job. She needs two beds for the children, the furnace is in need to repair, but more importantly she has fallen behind on the light and gas bills as well as the mortgage. Her job is cutting back on overtime so she worries she may only be able to work overtime two or three times a month, if at all.

They need: $1500 Utility Bills; $1500 Basic Needs

Amount Details
82.00GL Check to ComEd for Electric Bill Assistance
400.00GL Check to ComEd for Electric Bill Assistance
126.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
75.44Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
16.56GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
100.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Charlie and Her Grand Kids