Let’s Help This Single Mother Care for Her Very Ill Son During This Extremely Difficult Time

Cedar Park, TX

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Leah P. is a single mom who has raised her son,Taylor (20), since he was two years old. Taylor knew from a young age he wanted to be a pilot. That dream was not meant to be. "I'll never forget the day the doctor called me and said we found a mass on your son's brain scan. My son was diagnosed with a Pituitary Macro Adenoma brain tumor. He had his first brain surgery in April 2009. The medications he takes to stay alive have side effects and suppress his immune system. After surgery and going through MRIs, the tumor had grown back to full size. Taylor underwent his second brain surgery. In August 2010, we got the news that the brain tumor was growing back and that he could not have another surgery because it was growing inside his cavernous sinus. We had to look at radiation options. I was speechless. I support us on my disability and he gets a small check from SS -- that's it. We live on $1348 a month. Medical bills are piling up, and we get no help with food, gas, car, clothing, utilities, travel for appointments. I've literally called every kind of service and we don't "qualify." I just want to be able to have a home for my son and take as much stress off him as possible. He never asks for anything except a book or a game. I want to give him a better life and to feel better and I don't have the finances. I am his caregiver 24/7. I want him to be able to enjoy his life and be happy and healthy. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless you.

They need: $3000 medical bills; $2000 basic needs

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185.50CVS Gift Card For Medical Supplies
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54.94Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
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82.00Gift Card For Basic Needs
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