Let’s Help This Loving Family Who Lost A Child Stay Afloat As They Try to Improve Their Lives.

Roseburg, OR

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Coffee shop employees02/10/2012$100.00Hope this amount helps
Coffee shop staff04/05/2012$200.00God bless
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Coffee shop staff 05/17/2012$80.00God bless
NorthPoint Fellowships01/26/2013$50.00Praying this will help some. God bless !
NorthPoint Fellowships06/02/2013$50.00God Bless!
Susanne Watkins12/11/2013$250.00May this be of help
Anonymous01/19/2014$25.00Wishing you the best
GIVES SO FAR: $895.00 Charms: 750
GOAL: $4,000

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Code: GL-305
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Jennifer (36) is the mother of 2 children -- one who no longer lives at home (Jordan18). She is married to her best friend Aaron (36). They have a son Taylan (14 months old). They have been through a lot as a family in 8 years. They lost a child (Braydon) in 2005. Aaron has been laid off work. Now they have a beautiful gift – their infant son Taylan -- who has made them driven to better their circumstances. They learned their purpose after the loss of Braydan. Aaron used to work in the construction business and when the economy crashed his job did as well. He then turned to whatever he could and worked at a store as a clerk for 2 1/2 years until 2 weeks ago when the store shut down. He does receive unemployment but it is 1/4 of the bills and basic needs. Jennifer would like to go back to school but had to take a break due to such a high risk pregnancy to ensure the safe delivery of their son Taylan. “Our power bill and Rent are our main concern at this time. Basic needs as well are always something much appreciated as those can become very expensive, baby supplies are also an everyday need.” Thank you for everyone who Give and thank you for this wonderful opportunity. God Bless all of you.”

They need: $1500 rent assistance; $1000 bill assistance; $1500 basic necessities/baby supplies

Amount Details
30.00From GL Fund, Walmart Gift card to purchase basic needs
246.00GL Check to Landlord for rent assistance
150.00GL Check to Sprint for Phone Bill Assistance
30.40Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
93.60GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
282.90Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs and baby supplies
62.10Givelocally Keep The Lights On Fee
300.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Jennifer and her son