Let's Help This Mother of 6 With An Ill Husband Provide for Her Children

Orlando, FL

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Jennifer Kelly01/21/2012$25.00Welcome to GL. My prayers are with all of you.
Anonymous02/08/2012$25.00Our prayers are with you
Dawn McClaskey02/10/2012$800.00Keep your chin up and thanks for letting me help!
Danielle Bee02/21/2012$50.00Jehovah-jireh!!
Lissette Cruz03/06/2012$10.00Our prayers are with you
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Code: GL-302
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Colleen F. is a married mother of 6 children: Caley (20) not living at home, Matthew (14), Danielle (13), Sarah (11), Hannah (10) and Rachel (9). "The past year has been really hard. My husband found out he has melanoma cancer and we had to put my mom into a nursing home because of her Alzheimer's. Just recently we almost lost her. She is the only grandparent my kids have left. We are currently 3 months behind on our electric, phone and water bills. We receive Medicaid and food stamps, but they are not enough. We are also 27 months behind on our mortgage. It scares me because we have nowhere to go. We are unable to make any kind of payments towards our mortgage. I only see my Mom about once a week because she is 30-40 mins. away from us and we don't always have the gas money to go. We have to use that money for toilet paper, shampoo, etc. I try to sell things on Craig's list and have garage sales. I am so stressed out worrying about everything. But our main concern is losing the house and with five kids it gets really scary. I try to stay positive but it's not always easy to do. This picture is of my five youngest with my mom at the nursing home. Thank you so much for reading my family's story. Any help received would be very much appreciated. Thank you for having such an amazing program."

They need: $2000 mortgage assistance; $1500 bill assistance; $1000 basic necessities

Amount Details
255.00Distribution from GL Fund of $255 towards Colleen F's Electric Bill for Utility assistance
139.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
558.00GL Check to Progress Energy Florida for Electric bill assistance
49.20Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
163.80GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee