Let's Help This Struggling But Loving Family, Whose Son Broke Both of His Arms, Keep A Roof Over Their Heads

Napa, CA

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GL Fund Distribution02/05/2012$1,300.00GL wishes you and your family the best. Glad we can help!
Anonymous02/08/2012$500.00You are not alone.
Anonymous02/08/2012$25.00Never give up!
Anonymous02/08/2012$25.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous07/20/2012$25.00He is with you.
Coffee shop staff08/19/2012$100.00God bless this family
Anonymous12/09/2012$100.00God Bless!
Coffee shop employees07/13/2013$150.00God bless
Anonymous07/23/2013$140.00God bless your family
GiveLocally Team12/06/2013$400.00Glad we can assist with your rent
Giants Fan04/19/2015$75.00
GXR team05/19/2015$225.00God bless
Coffee shop staff08/20/2015$180.00
GIVES SO FAR: $3,245.00 Charms: 1,400
GOAL: $4,000

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Code: GL-301
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Mike and Jen P. are the parents of Quinn (9) and Mackenzie (12). Their family is small but very close. Mackenzie is an honor student and loves to play soccer. Quinn is a typical 9 year old boy, very playful and full of energy. Jen is unemployed. "I work full time at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena during the day. I am also a server at a restaurant in Napa. The Culinary Institute does not pay a large salary but it covers rent and some utility bills. My restaurant job lets my family eat and puts gas in the car. I commute on the bus to my day job. I was laid off my restaurant managing job and we have lost our house. We have never given up hope. I have exhausted all other sources to make up the late rent. My landlady wants her money, and I am scrambling to keep her from putting us out on the street. Both Quinn and Jen have asthma and the cold air really makes it important that they stay warm. We put off the utility bills last month. We had shut off notices. To make everything right our family needs to pay the late rent. Please if there is any way you could help us it would mean so much to us. I have tried to meet my family’s needs over the years. God bless and thank you." Update: Mike lost the job at the restaurant as a server. His wife Jen just got a part time job in the merchandising field. They are still in need of basics, rent and utility assistance

They need: $2000 in rent assistance; $1000 in bill assistance; $1000 in basic needs

Amount Details
1300.00Distribution from GL Fund of $1300 towards Mike P's rent for rent assistance
236.00GL Check to Comcast for Phone Bill Assistance
215.00GL Check to PG&E for Electric Bill Assistance
99.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
184.50GL Check to PG&E for Electric Bill Assistance
40.50GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
237.80GL Check to PG&E for Electric Bill Assistance
52.20GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
400.00Check to Landlord for rental assistance