Let's KeepThis Musician And His Family From Getting Evicted

Deerfield Beach, FL

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GIVES SO FAR: $805.00 Charms: 50
GOAL: $3,500

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Susan S. and her husband Walter, 58, used to live in Los Angeles. Walter was a fairly successful guitarist for Air Supply, Rod Stewart and the Baby's. About 10 years ago, Susan's sister needed her help in Florida with their aging parents. "Life in Florida has not been a bowl of roses. While there was no music work for Walter, my business as a computer supply shop manager (selling computer supplies) was working fine. My son Colby was on S.S.I. (disability for chemical imbalance ). Since there was no music job for Walter, he ended up making signs for a living. My parents passed away and Walter's sign company that he worked for went out of business. The capital for my business started drying up till my job was hanging from a thread. Walter couldn't find work and he went on unemployment. The unemployment dried up and after almost 2 years Walter found a job part time, minimum wage working on a toll booth. We also had food stamps but once he got the job, we lost our food stamps. Since we share a car I have problems finding a job. All of our bills needed to be extended to the point that they are past due. We were constantly late with our rent. The stress of our current situation is not doing any of us much good. My priority is keeping a roof over our head and the bills paid. We are now coming up to 3 months late on the rent. Our landlord is nice but he has a mortgage to pay. We've run out of people and places to ask for help, and so we come to GiveLocally."

They need: $1500 rent assistance; $1000 Basic Necessities; $1000 bill assistance

Amount Details
500.00Distribution from GL Fund of $500 towards Susan S. and husband rent for rent assistance
102.50GL Check to Landlord for Rent Assistance
270.60GL Check to Landlord for Rent Assistance
81.90GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
164.00GL Check to FPL for Electric Bill Assistance
36.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee