Let's Help This Struggling Family Whose Child Has Serious Medical Issues

Grand Rapids, MI

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The Kelly Family02/01/2012$25.00Your family is in my family's prayers.
Anonymous02/08/2012$25.00Never give up!
Anonymous02/08/2012$25.00Our prayers are with you
Anonymous03/02/2012$25.00May this be of help
Coffee shop employees09/06/2012$75.00God bless
Anonymous08/07/2015$112.50Jesus is with you and loves you dearly. Praying for you.
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Sarah S. is the proud mother of Olivia (10), Ethan (8), Owen (7), Elana (5), and Oakley (16) months . "We are in dire need of assistance. My youngest son was born with chronic health issues on 9/3/10. He will eventually need a kidney transplant. He has multiple specialist appointments. I am only able to work part-time due to his condition and we are currently in appeals with SSI for him. My husband became disabled 11/2009 resulting in the loss of his job and he is also awaiting SSDI. We need help with utilities, clothing, baby needs (diapers etc.), special prescription formula (insurance only covers 8 cans per month), hygiene and household products and mainly gas cards. Medicaid only reimburses .08 cents a mile for my sons medical appointments which is clearly not enough. I do not have health insurance through my job and I am not paid for anytime off for medical needs for my son. We just lost our house in a sheriff sale in November and we have to be moved out within a few months and do not know where to go. We also have to transport our children to school each and every day and we just cannot afford it and I have to get to work 3 days a week. I am really struggling trying to keep my family afloat and it breaks my heart to see my children go without. Any assistance would be extremely appreciated. Thank you."

They need: $1500 rent assistance; $1500 bill assistance; $1000 basic necessities

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82.00Walmart gift card for basic needs
18.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
61.50Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
13.50GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee