Let's Help This Teacher's Assistant and Her Mother Cope With A Tragic Loss

East Orange, NJ

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Ashley C. is a 23 year old college graduate who currently works as a Teacher's Assistant. Her mother is now a single mother to 6 children: Ashley, Jasmine (22), Quincy (20), Joslyn (17), Jayla (16) and Jordan (11), as well as a registered foster parent. She has also been a kindergarten teacher's assistant for 11 years. "In December 2010, my family experienced the unexpected death of my brother. Paying for my brother's funeral has left my mother trying to cope with my brother's death and struggling to make ends meet. She also helps take care of my deceased brother's son, Jah'sir (18 months). My mom is a great person inside and out and loves to educate and care for children. She has been in and out of work but recently had to take a family leave with no pay. It has been really hard for my family. My mother helped to put me through college as well as my brother Quincy. Though I have recently started work as a Teacher's Assistant I try to assist with bills now that my mom has no income coming in. We are having a really hard time and are living paycheck to paycheck. My income is not enough to maintain the household, and we really struggle day to day with all the regular needs. My family would like to thank you in advance for your help. It means the world to us and with your help we hope we can get back on our feet, stand strong. Thank you."

They need: $1500 bill assistance; $1500 basic needs

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98.40Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
21.60GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
225.50Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
49.50Givelocally Keep The Lights On Fee