Let's Help This Hard Working Couple with 2 Small Children Find a Permanent Home

Alameda, CA

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Carrie Crudup12/24/2011$50.00Wishing you the best
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JEAN SIMMONS12/26/2011$25.00God Bless!
Janet Woods12/29/2011$10.00Our prayers are with you
JEAN SIMMONS01/14/2012$25.00I really wish I could give more
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Coffee shop staff07/31/2013$88.00God bless you
GIVES SO FAR: $773.00 Charms: 720
GOAL: $3,500

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Nerissa L. and her husband, Guillermo, have 2 kids (Akhenaten 2; Arnithan 6 months). In late 2008, Guillermo was laid off from both of his jobs. Since early 2009, he has applied to over 300 jobs and attended multiple interviews. "We got a delinquent notice from our apartment complex and so we started to couch surf. We then found out I was already 5 months pregnant with our first son. We stayed positive and believed something would work out. But it didn’t. We had our cars repossessed and did not have place to live. While in a shelter, my husband started school at City College. On the day my son was born we got a call from BAYC to move into an apartment in Hayward. They helped me get my job at the Alameda County DA’s office and I was working full time and so we decided to have another child thinking all would be well but they stated they could not keep me. My coworkers put together letters to keep me and so they gave me part time hours. My take home after taxes is 668.02 every two weeks. My husband just started working for IHSS and I also just got another commission-based job and I am enrolling in Alameda Beauty School. My husband also is enrolling in school at Alameda College and the Alameda Head Start will take both of our children at no cost to our family. We are in the process of being approved for an apartment in Alameda called the Summer House and we are in need of help for the deposit and rent. We need a safe place to call home. Thanks to all who might help."

They need: $700 Rent Assistance; $500 Basic Necessities; $500 Bill Assistance

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110.00Walmart Gift Card from GL Fund For Basic Needs
213.20GL Check to Landlord for Rent Assistance
82.00Walmart Gift Card For Basic Needs
64.80GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
123.00Walmart gift card for basic needs
27.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee