Let's Help This Grieving Grandmother Who Now Cares For Her 3 Grandchildren

Louisville, KY

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Mark & Kate Spurling12/15/2011$250.00Hope the memories of your daughter/ mother provides comfort & peace.
Anonymous12/16/2011$300.00God keep you his loving care as you raise your beautiful grandchildren. What a blessing they are.
Julie Owenby12/16/2011$50.00Our prayers are with you
Steve & Maureen Hanson12/22/2011$50.00Our prayers are with you
Lynn and Rick Mueller12/23/2011$25.00Our thoughts are with you and we hope you find comfort in the love you share.
Kathy and Tim Conrad12/23/2011$200.00Our prayers and hope are with all of you
Paul Higgins12/23/2011$50.00May this be of help
John 12/23/2011$50.00God Bless!
Anonymous12/23/2011$25.00May this be of help
The Coggins12/23/2011$100.00We also lost our daughter in 2003. God will get you through this.
Chip Lynch12/23/2011$200.00Our prayers are with you
Paul/Linda Rohrer12/23/2011$100.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/23/2011$50.00Wishing you the best
Maggie Johnson12/23/2011$10.00Our prayers are with you
Nicey12/23/2011$25.00Our prayers are with you
Mike Tagtow12/23/2011$25.00May this be of help
Ann Swertfeger12/24/2011$100.00I hope this helps. Merry Christmas!
Anonymous12/24/2011$25.00Merry Christmas!
Jenn, Dustin, Cassie12/24/2011$1,000.00Merry Christmas
Chris Carrington12/24/2011$50.00Best of luck to you and the children.
Mike & Sue Callahan12/25/2011$100.00May this be of help
Don Brown12/25/2011$25.00Our prayers are with you
Carol Ray12/27/2011$50.00In memory of my mother Beth Ferguson, who passed away on 12/21/2011
Antoinette Zulli12/29/2011$25.00I admire your courage and determination. Your grandchildren are blessed to have you in their lives.
Mary L.12/29/2011$300.00May this help you
Anonymous01/16/2012$100.00Never give up!
Anonymous12/14/2016$25.00Never give up!
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Ann E. recently lost her 31 year old daughter Missy, who fought a battle against ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Missy was a single mother of 3 young children, Emily Ann 11, Megan 9, and Austin 5. Ann left her job to care around the clock for her daughter so Missy would be home with her children. Missy was sent to a specialist in Cincinnati and had trouble breathing during a procedure and eventually had a tracheotomy. At this time Missy was totally dependent on a ventilator and was on a feeding tube. On that same year the apartment that Ann, Missy and her children lived in caught on fire and they lost everything they had. They were put in a temporary apartment and Missy was put in the hospital until their apartment was rebuilt. Missy's health was fast declining. Ann made sure her daughter was well taken care of as well caring for her 3 grandchildren. Ann is now raising her grandchildren and trying to cope with their grieving of their mother as well as her own grief of losing her only daughter. These kids have lost their mother and a mother has lost her daughter and they cling to each other trying to hold onto the memory of Missy. Update: Ann is still struggling to provide for her Granddaughters, and to add to her problems her Mother got injured in a car accident and almost got killed. She is in dire need and says; " Any amount given to us will make an enormous change in our lives".

They need: $2000 rent assistance; $2000 Bill Assistance; $1000 Basic Needs; $500 Auto Assistance

Amount Details
125.00GL Check to Pediatric Specialist for medical assistance
525.11GL Check to Car Dealership for car payment assistance
250.26GL Check to Phone Company for phone bill assistance
191.35GL Check to Storage Company for storage bill assistance
80.00GL Check to LG&E Electric Company for electric bill assistance
1260.00GL Check to Landlord for 2 Month Rent for rent assistance
169.66GL Check to Target National Bank for credit card bill assistance
82.00Walmart Gift Card to Purchase Basic Needs.
591.30GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee