Let's Help This Family Provide for Their Boys and Keep Their Home

Red Bluff, CA

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Coffee Shop Staff12/09/2011$50.00Hope this amount helps
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Paul Hastings / San Diego CA.12/19/2011$800.00God Bless Your Family
Sheree, Melissa & Patrick Henry12/24/2011$100.00We hope this helps. Merry Christmas!
John Moore12/25/2011$25.00Hope this helps - keep the faith!
The Wu Ma Clan12/26/2011$100.00Our prayers are with you
EmilyAnn Frances May12/28/2011$15.00In unity there is strength. Keep faith and stay together as a family.
Gerri Matsufuji12/28/2011$25.00Wishing you the best
Anonymous12/27/2012$50.00God Bless!
Coffee shop employees 04/10/2014$100.00God bless
Anonymous07/04/2015$55.00Thinking of you
BMC CS Mktg team11/20/2015$170.00God bless your family
Coffee shop staff 02/18/2016$125.00
BMC CS Mktg team12/21/2016$100.00Best wishes for a better year ahead
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GOAL: $3,500

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Cindy's husband, Tod, was an iron worker who became disabled two years ago. He had pins inserted into a broken ankle, tore the rotator cup in his shoulder (from pounding the iron), has arthritis, and now battles daily with COPD emphysema. Cindy worked full time caring for her severely disabled (Cerebral Palsy) son, Kenny, who passed away last November 29. "Because he was my son I did not receive unemployment. My husband's unemployment ran out, I looked for work and my dad paid our rent for 4 months. Because of the severity of Tod's lungs disability, he was approved right away and we used his back pay to pay rent and bills. I have been job hunting, but at age 46 with no experience, disabled and because of the years of lifting my son I now have scoliosis, it is hard to find work. I am very proud of my oldest son, Kody (23), who is putting himself through college. I also have 2 teenage boys still at home: T.J. (17) and Dakoda (15). Kody shares his love of video games and guitar with his brothers. T.J. has some learning disabilities but tries hard. Dakoda prays he can go to baseball camp with his high school team in January. It will cost $200 and the deadline is December 2. He is a good student and takes good care of his older brother. I am very blessed as you can see. I know things will work out. Thank you for your time."

They need: $2000 rent assistance; $500 for Dakoda's baseball camp; $1000 for basic necessities

Amount Details
82.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
180.00GL Check to PG&E for Electric Bill Assistance
400.00GL Check to NCPM for Rent Assistance.
76.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
157.30GL Check to PG&E for Electric Bill Assistance
60.00GL Check to School Baseball Team for Dakoda's Baseball Cleets
209.70GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
41.00Gift Card For Basics
9.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
150.00Basic Needs Assistance From GL Fund to Cindy and Her Family