Let's Help This Hard Working Mother And Her 2 Sons — All Employed — Keep Their Apartment

El Cerrito, CA

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GIVES SO FAR: $995.00 Charms: 1,000
GOAL: $1,500

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Johnnie D. lives in a duplex apartment with her 2 sons (Shaka, 24 and Ahmad, 22). Johnnie is employed as a receptionist at a construction company, Shaka works as a security guard, and Ahmad works at a golf course. The landlord of her duplex passed away, and the new owners have increased the amount of her lease. Even with their three jobs they cannot meet their rent obligations. They have borrowed from family and friends, worked over time hours, sold their used clothes, and even went without daily food and essentials to keep a roof over their heads. "I am very proud of my two sons and how hard they are working to help me stay in a home and not on the streets. All my life I have tried to help people and families in need. We have a chance to move into a cheaper apartment but our problem is the deposit. I am asking to help me and my sons with this, and believe me any amount would help us with the move. God bless all of you for creating this organization and for helping all the families. We are a very hardworking family and we don’t have much going on in our lives other than working and trying to keep a roof over our heads."

They need: $1000 in rent assistance; $500 in basic necessities

Amount Details
82.00Walmart Gift Card for Basic Needs
144.00Assistance to Purchase Prescriptions.
409.00Gift Card for basic needs and Christmas assistance.
21.00Gas Card for Daily Transportation
144.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee