Let's Help This Struggling San Francisco Community College Student

San Francisco, CA

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Cynthia Colindres08/25/2011$25.00May this be of help
Anonymous08/26/2011$130.00Hope this amount helps you with school.
Rick and Lynn Mueller12/23/2011$25.00Best wishes to you and your mother. Never give up your dreams.
Nelson S.12/29/2011$25.00May this be of help
Anonymous12/29/2011$50.00Never give up!
Coffee Shop Employees07/13/2012$100.00God Bless you
Anonymous12/27/2012$50.00God Bless!
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Felix F., 18 years old, was raised by a single mother. "For most of our lives we lived by ourselves. Until I was a high school senior, my mother had a good job and was always able to pay for my school supplies and clothes.Then her job started to become slower and my mother was laid off. Starting from that point, our house has not been the same. We couldn't pay our own rent so we asked my aunty in another state if she can help pay for our rent and even some of our bills. So we've been skipping out on rent. It is a tradition in Samoan custom to take friends and families to a restaurant after graduation. If my mother still had her job, it would be an absolute yes. On the day of my graduation, the money that I received from my friends and family as a gift, I used that money right away to pay the restaurant so that everyone would eat and enjoy the celebration of my graduation. I applied and registered at City College of San Francisco. I got the classes that I wanted and I was awarded financial aid to pay for my classes. But now I need money to pay for school supplies. I am ready for college mentally but when it came to books and supplies, I was not prepared. I hate being in this situation because now I feel behind the rest of my fellow classmates. I don't want to feel this way because it could affect my performance in class. I want to have a good future with my mother. Any assistance would help out a lot in making sure I am prepared with my education."

They need: $750 books and school Supplies; $500 for laptop; $200 for sports supplies; $300 for basic necessities

Amount Details
250.00Distributed from GL fund, GL Check to San Francisco City College for Text Books
127.00Walmart Card for Basic Needs.
82.00Gas Card for Daily Transportation
82.10Gas card for daily trasportation.
63.90GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee