Let's Help This Hardworking Student With College Tuition at The American University

Palo Alto, CA

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Despite a personal family situation that created challenges, Samantha worked very hard in high school to graduate and be accepted to universities across the nation. She ultimately decided upon American University in Washington, DC, where she will be studying International Studies and Business. Samantha also plans to start a new club water polo team at the university. Tuition is very expensive and despite financial aid, it will still be very difficult for her family to afford college since her father also has to support her little sister who will be entering sixth grade. Because her family will not be able to financially support her when she goes to college, Samantha is saving for books and living expenses for her first months of school. "I really appreciate the help GiveLocally can provide and will use all Gives raised towards tuition, school materials and textbooks for my education. Thank you so much to everyone at GL who reads this story." Update: Samantha is now Studying Abroad at Vina del mar in Chile. She is unable to work so she is very limited and needs our assistance to keep her amazing educational journey.

They need: $2500 for tuition assistance

Amount Details
1033.00GL Check to American University for Tuition Assistamce
332.10Walmart Gift Card to Purchase School Supplies
72.90GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee
200.00GL Check to American University for Tuition Assistance
210.00Walmart Gift Card to purchase school supplies
90.00GiveLocally Keep The Lights On Fee